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by Dumberger

Back In Time 02:37
Once upon a time you used to miss me Happiness has never felts so real Nowadays I call it ancient history Relics far to painful to reveal How I long to feel that love again Summer days with you that never end Why don’t we go back in time To a place when you were mine Where there were no worries and no pain between us Reliving those memories fills me with such reveries But I know we’ll never be the same again Never wanted anything so badly Never knew how deep it would impact Left behind those times, I did so sadly But the memories are still in tact Were we really so different back then? Can our love ever burn bright again?
Waiting for your love is worth all the pain Anticipation will drive me insane but I’ll keep on trying, I’ve got everything to gain You are my everything, you are my life One day I swear I will make you my wife But no one knows how much I’ve already sacrificed I keep paying a heavy price And it’s easier said than done And I’m not the only one I know I’ll just have to wait for that day if it comes But it’s easier said than done Why must you still torture me and tease? Don’t you know I’m desperate to serve you as you please? And it’s easier said than done In fact it’s really not that fun I know that you’ll keep me guessing until that day comes But it’s easier said than done And I’m not the only one
Romantaholic 02:02
Romantaholic Well you’ve got a big problem You fall in love with someone every other week You need high doses of romantic emotion And you depend on someone else to be happy And when it falls apart, and your heart is broke And when you feel the pain of a loss unspoken And when you’re all alone with no one to love you You will still hold on tight Someday your dreams will all come true
Every day I wake up full of dread Reality hits me like a ton of lead And I’m as lonely as the day before you know At least at night I can dream of my girl And we’re in love in my subconscious world And all my fantasies come true with her you know So I can’t wait to go to sleep And have my baby here with me I hold her close in my own slumberland of make believe She’s the girl of my dreams, girl of my dreams I wish that I could wake up with her next to me When I’m awake I’m all alone But every night she takes me home To a place that feels more real than it would seem to be In my waking life my heart cries out For a love I’ve always been without But no on out there here’s me suffering you know At least my dream girl listens and relates And all I give her she reciprocates I’m always happiest when I’m asleep you know So when I drift away tonight i will be guided by her light And treasure every precious moment She can spend with me She’s the girl of my dreams I wish that I could wake up with her next to me
Just For Fun 01:55
When I told her I was in love with her She just laughed and then hung up the phone When I made her a cake and asked her on a date She said I would always be alone Now I don’t know what to do ‘Cause I’m feeling blue In my heart she was the only one But then I found out the truth about her She’s as evil as a demon She did it just for fun (whoa oh whoa oh) And now my nightmare’s just begun So I was walking around with a broken heart And I saw her hanging out with some guy She called me over and said, “He’s my boyfriend instead of you, do you want to know why? Then she cut me down to size right before my eyes And her boyfriend laughed out loud in my face I never knew a girl could be filled with so much cruelty But I found out that it’s the case
You don’t have to turn away when I look at you and say What I’m feeling in my heart You know its something that I have to do You don’t have to just pretend That you want me as a friend When I know what you are thinking and it’s Better that you know it too Don’t play this game I know where I stand with you But I still will face the truth And I see you want to look away When I’m standing next to you And I feel it
Close Enough 02:03
Just another day and it’s not paradise And our love’s not perfect but it will suffice There’s a lot we could regret but We should try not to forget that we have something at all And you may not be my dream girl But you’re there when times get tough We may not be a perfect match But baby you’re close enough I complain and take for granted yes, it’s true But I’m always better off when I’m with you Life is full of ups and downs but It’s alright when you’re around so Please just stay here with me And I may not be your Romeo And I’m really not that tough We may not be a perfect match But baby I’m close enough I know I can’t get by without you And you need me that much is true
Helpless 01:39
When the world has got you down again and You feel like you’re all alone Take a look around and see what’s out there You can face it on your own Take a step away from your emotions Question why you feel this way You don’t have to be the victim of what other people do or say Life’s a struggle man, yes it’s true but Take control of what you think and do And then you’ll see what you’re really made of No one else can change your ways And how you live out each day Does it feel like hope is all but lost? You can find it deep inside Where there is no place to hide And you hear your own voice calling you from outside Why feel so helpless?
You make life so complicated I’m already stressed out I don’t care what your plan is all about You take me to the edge but I Just want to go home Can you find it in your heart to just leave me alone? Hole in my head, hole in my head I need you like a hole in my head You’re a walking disaster that I’m Not ready to face When you’re here I just feel so out of place Taking over my life is what you might have in mind Can you find it in your heart to just leave me behind?
Until You Go 01:39
Oh I’ll wait until you go So you won’t have to know how much it hurts inside of me And I can’t let you see The tears I try to hide from you well up within me And I wish I had the courage to Be frank and just tell you But I’ll wait until you go Hey I’ll wait until you say That you want me today, tomorrow, and forever I will be the perfect guy The one who never hurts or makes you wonder why And I wish I didn’t have to cry But I have my reasons why So I’ll wait until you go Love is brutal and it’s obvious But I’ll always love you if you trust in us
Begrudgingly 01:51


Artwork by Ole O'Brian

Co-release with Outloud Records!

You can pick up both CD ep's from Outloud Records @


released May 8, 2020


all rights reserved


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